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released March 9, 2010

All Songs (Words and Music) by David Ricardo
Arrangements by David Ricardo, Brad Robertson, Dusty DiMercurio, Rob Duncan, Dan Caporale, and Jamie Osborne

Recorded by Jordan Glasgow and Dusty DiMercurio
at Digi Studio and Sour Cream Thing Studio
Mixed by Dusty DiMercurio
Produced by Dusty DiMercurio and David Ricardo
Mastered by Mike Wells

Jacket Design by Jay Harlow
Cover photos by Jay Harlow and Bill Jennings


all rights reserved



B and Not B San Francisco, California

Unpop songs for you and not you.

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Track Name: The Benefits of Friendship
You know I talk a little different than I did at seventeen
'Cause I've lived too many places not to change
The benefits of friendship are not easy to anticipate
The first time you lock eyes with someone strange

But I'm a scatter, scatter, scatterbrain
I'm sleepy, sleepy, yawn
Oh, my friend, you know the benefits
Go on and on and on...

And on and on
The changes we've undergone
Our earliest impressions left behind
The way we saw each other in our minds

How do you see me now?
Follow the story you tell yourself about you and me
Never knew who you were
Now it is clear that I only know what I think I see
Track Name: Venus
In early morning, before the Sun rises in the east,
They called it Lucifer before he bore the mark of the beast.
They called it Quetzalcoatl; struck down his victims
With a spear of light that could pierce the veil of the night.

In the material world, which is all that we can know,
We all have appetites, and that's what the morning star insists upon. When it's gone,
It gives us pause, and we must think on the cause and the end,
And to Hesper us it sends.

But when the phosphorescent morning star returns,
Woe to the ones for whom the world is ruled not
By music and love, and the pleasures of desire fulfilled,
And the energizing ache of desires denied. Makes us feel electrified!

And in the moments before the Sun yields to the Moon,
There is an evening star shining and it makes us think that
What we can't know might nonetheless be real.
Tell me: How does it feel if you're unable to feel?
Track Name: Traffic Jam of Stars
It's five o'clock. The winter light is quickly fading.
The bus is crowded and the streets are full of cars.
Each one is angry with the traffic they're creating.
The milky way is just a traffic jam of stars.

Why should I bother when the world is full of beauty?
Why would I bother if the world is just a dream?
Why do I bother? Do I think it is my duty
To leave behind another pebble in the stream?

Why do I bother? Do I think it is my duty
To make a ripple in the middle of the stream?
Track Name: Unlucky Break
Day is done, and woe is me. Why
C -------------- G
does it always seem to be an
uphill climb? It happens
all the time

If she found a diamond ring, she'd
C -------------- G
cut herself on the damn thing. She
ought to know. That's how it
always goes. It's

B7 ----------------- C
got me wondering how much more mis-
G ---------------- D
fortune she can take.
B7 ------------------ C
Every time that we talk, I hear about one
G -------------- D
more unlucky break.
Probability is
C ------------ G
easy to take personally.
Eb ------------ Bb
Post hoc ergo propter hoc, you
Eb ------------------ Bb
Sometimes all the world seems filled with

Feels like she was born to lose. Paid
C ------------------ G
far more than her share of dues, to
no avail. Her plans they
always fail. Luck

never gives, it only lends. It
C ---------------------- G
wines and dines you, then it sends the
bill along. By now she
knows the song. It's

B7 ----------------- C
got me wondering how much more mis-
G ---------------- D
fortune she can take.
B7 ------------------- C
Every time that we talk, I hear about one
G -------------- D
more unlucky break
Probability is
C ----------- G
easy to take personally
Eb ------------ Bb
Post hoc ergo propter hoc, you
Eb ------------------ Bb
Sometimes all the world seems filled with
Eb ----------- Bb
Maybe we become just exact-
ly who we expect to be
Eb ------------ Bb
Post hoc ergo propter hoc is
not causality. (It's a logical falla-
Track Name: Eyes Need To Lie
Remember what they told you when you bit your brother's arm
You're not an alligator, better learn to use your charm
You learned a little later that your charm could still do harm

Remember what you saw when you were staring at the sky
It was not an alligator with a cauliflower eye
You learned a little later that your eyes just need to lie

A hundred wires crissed and crossed the block above the street
Some temporary perches/purchase for a flock of pigeons' feet
They were scared up to the widow's walk, up on the top
But nothing's there to see. Just traffic and TVs
Track Name: The Notes Within
She bargained with the tune. It sang an offer in her ear.
"Just give yourself to me , my friend, and I'll never disappear."

The intervals between her thoughts were filled with wild ideas,
Swimming freely through the darkened depths in her mental bathysphere.

And when she heard the tune again, it sounded bright and clear.
Her faith sustained the notes within the story drawing near.

A shivering boy sat staring at the cold glow of the screen.
There's a modicum of comfort found watching other people's dreams.

The flicker flipped a switch. It tripped a circuit; left behind
The pregnant twitch that surfaces when you're left alone with time.

A fear of empty-headedness, an empty-headed fear.
A longing that he used to drown in irony and beer.
A critic's stance, a careful dance around what's brought us here.
Averse to chance, no seeds to plant. No melodies appear.

She offered him her tune. Whispered a psalm into his ear.
"Just set your longing free," she said. "Don't you wait another year!"
Track Name: Foolish Dreams
Cm --------------- G ---------------- Ab -------------- Eb
First, just wait a second; can you hear the major third?
Fm ------------------- Db --------- Fm7
Go forth and drink a fifth to celebrate

Cm -------------------------- G ------------- Ab -------- Eb
Those foolish dreams that beckon will forever be deferred
Fm --------------- Db ------------------- Fm7
But you can still imagine that you're great

Ab ----------------------- Bb ----------------- Cm
As a boy, they told you that you could do anything
Ab ------------------ Bb ------------- Eb -- Db -- Ab
Absolutely nothing you could not achieve
Ab -------------------------- Bb ------------------- Cm
Maybe so, but when they said those things to you, my friend
Ab ------------------------- Bb ------------ Eb ---- Db -- Ab -- Bb
They just mostly needed something to believe in, to believe

Am Ab Eb Cm
Am Ab Eb G Fm G7

Your father painted poetry with hundred-dollar words
But the rent was seven-hundred dollars more

Your mother sketched out universes ruled by giant birds
'Til the real world came a-knocking at her door

When they were young, they were told that they could do anything
Absolutely nothing they could not achieve
Maybe so, but when they said those things to them, my friend
They just mostly needed something to believe in, to believe
Track Name: I Forgot
Are your toes too long to fit in those shoes?
And does your nose belong wherever there is news?
Is your hair so dry you never use shampoo?
And do you care too much what others think of you?

Well, I know you too well. You can't lie to me.
Don't have to ask you what you mean by reciprocity.

Do your ears start ringing after every show?
And do your tears start flowing at the rodeo?
Is your favorite color British racing green?
And do you have a fascination with the kings and queens?

Well, I know it's not the first time that I forgot you like the pomegranate better than the apricot.
But when I see you on your bicycle, riding down the street, I still remember when you came to sweep me off my feet.
Track Name: Laughing Out Loud
At 23:09 in universal time
You fly to the beach where I stay
Your hair flows in the breeze, way down below your knees
Much more than you had yesterday

You land so smoothly on the sand
Then turn to me and take my hand
I've been waiting for this a long time
Laughing out loud, there's no doubt that you're mine
But we're still so hard to define

We talk, but silently; we walk, but awkwardly
Towards the horizon so grey

And when our clumsy forms draw near
The hills and rocks and trees appear
Just the way that I made them for you
Tell me your dreams and I'll make them come true
In time for our next rendezvous

I've got something to say before you fade away
And leave me to turning cartwheels
I know that you can't stay, be with me every day
But no one I know seems more real

Just call my name and I'll be there
Meet in the dream world that we share
I've been waiting for this a long time
Laughing out loud, there's no doubt that you're mine
But we're still so hard to define
We're still so hard to define
Track Name: Let's Pretend
Now let's pretend what we love is forever and never will end
Before I go, there is something I think that you might like to know
I'm not naïve, but just maybe it's better to try to believe
What you love can be something that you can retrieve any time

Now let's pretend what we know is for never and ever will bend
What we perceive as reality follows from what we believe
I'm not so wise, but just maybe it's better to categorize
What we know as just something we need to revise all the time